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Yuliya Neogi

Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying, MACP, DTR


About Yuliya 

Yuliya started her career in health care many years ago. She earned her Doctor of Medicine Degree before coming to Canada, where her passion for helping people led her to pursue a career as a psychotherapist. She has experience working with various age groups dealing with different types of mental health struggles, such as depression, anxiety, relational problems, addictions, failure to launch, self-esteem and interpersonal difficulties. 


Message To My Clients

Often, individuals get 'stuck' in the past and worry about the future so much that they forget to live in the present. Day-to-day life becomes a struggle. I will do my best to assist you and offer guidance and unconditional support during difficult times in a non-judgemental atmosphere. We can work together to identify your strengths, find the adaptive coping skills that work for you, and help you navigate through life's unexpected turns, surrounding circumstances and relationship challenges. 

My deep understanding of the body-mind connection helps me to address your well-being from a holistic point of view. I believe clients deserve to have therapy sessions tailored to their needs considering their unique stories. I practice an eclectic approach consisting of tools from multiple psychotherapy modalities from a trauma-informed stance. I offer in-person sessions as well as virtual appointments to accommodate your busy schedules. 


In-person and virtual appointments available 

Individual therapy

Online therapy

Relationship issues
Family issues
Self esteem
Career issues
Difficulty coping
Interpersonal Difficulties
Meditation by the Sea
Family at a Beach

Offering a free 20 minute initial consultation

$130/ hour 


Call 289-236-1456

or email

Empowering individuals and families to live joyfully and fearlessly through all of life's changes.

Therapy with Carol G
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